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Taking action in Helsinki

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Who is Risto?

Risto Rautava is the Chairman of the Helsinki Region Transport (HSL), Vice-Chairman of the Urban Environment Committee and a member of Helsinki city council.

In decision making, we need to think about how plans and decisions improve the well-being of people living in Helsinki. Residents' well-being means, for example, that

  • there are jobs,

  • we take care of the environment and

  • we have good public and private services.

Targets at the header level:

  • We need more reasonably priced housing for Helsinki.

  • We need a center tunnel to Helsinki. The city center will become more attractive and passing it gets smoother.

  • Let's make sure that Helsinki will continue to develop as a pleasant, attractive and safe city.

  • We need to keep the costs down - we do not raise taxes but strive for the tax-reduction

  • We need to take responsibility for each other.

  • We need to find new ways to take organizations and companies as partners with the city.

Risto Rautava

Born: 1954
Married. Two adult children, one grandchild.
Residing in Helsinki

Body shape - Slightly teardrop-shaped (optimum when moving under the speed of sound)

Education and experience

At the moment, I am an entrepreneur. I am a member of the Helsinki entrepreneurs society.

Officer Cadet: The National Defense University (NDU). My military rank is commander.

The Finnish Defense Forces in 1979-2006: a number of different managerial and professional tasks. In 2003-2006, I managed and participated in various development projects.

Helsinki Region Transport Authority (HSL), Chairman of the board

Helsinki Urban Environment Committee (Vice-Chairman)

Helsinki City Board Chairman 9/2009 -1/2013  Party: National Coalition Party, Kokoomus

City Council 2001(ongoing)


Community outreach
Art and music in the audience
Walking two dogs
Biking, hiking in the wilderness, cross-country skiing.


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